Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, I move around a lot, having lived in London, New York and São Paulo, where I'm based - for now. I'm always on the move: my travel, music and lifestyle work is my passion.
Before working with images, I used to be a journalist: I guess I've always had a knack for being a storyteller. Through my visual stories, I seek to create a state of wonder, through my ability to find the uniqueness of my subjects.

Recent group exhibitions

Subject Matters at Double-Six Studios, New York (2015)

Territórios Imanentes, at Fauna Galeria, São Paulo (2015)

Miscelânea Art Club, Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre, London (2015)

Blood is in the Heart, at Narnia, New York (2014)

Correspondências Visuais projection circuit, Paraty em Foco, Paraty (2012)


Adidas, Levi's, Nike, Avon, Refinery29, Cool Hunting, Vice, Majestic Disorder magazine, The Pop Manifesto, Eavves Mag, DJ Mag Brazil, MTV Brazil, Elle Magazine Brazil, Desperados beer, Prema Jewelry, Spirit Weavers Gathering, Nouveau, Brooklyn Raga Massive, Heartbeat of the Mother retreat, Mesa & Cadeira, Galeria Baró, Scorpios Mykonos, among others.